A Short Story of My Journey

BRYCE Watanasoponwong

My name is BRYCE Watanasoponwong and I believe that to capture an image is to frame a moment of time that can forever be shared. I have spent years capturing unique and distinctive images of landscapes, cultures and people from various walks of life.

Photography is not the career that I started with, however, I initially obtained degrees in accounting, as well as information and business administration from universities in Australia and Thailand.

It took some pivotal life changes to open me up to the possibility of exploring my interest in photography. In 2010 I was made redundant from my job as a result of the global financial crisis. Soon after, a traumatic relationship breakdown left me reeling. Desperate to get away, I decided to join my parents on a trip to Taiwan. This turned out to be a momentous decision as it was on arrival at Taiwan International Airport that I purchased my first camera, a Leica D’LUX 5. Away from all my problems, I could lose myself in my new hobby and begin to explore my craft. Taking pictures on local streets, I found I was developing a keen eye for aesthetics. Gradually, I began to embody the creative spirit of a photographer.

As I began to embody the photographic art form, I was blessed to receive an opportunity while working with a close friend, Michael Zanetti, an established, award-winning wedding photographer in his own right who was based out of Sydney. This was my first taste of the dream career I did not know I wanted as badly as I did until then. However, as I returned to Thailand, the opportunities I was able to get were mainly mainstream ones in the estate and hospitality domain. My dream would have to wait a little longer.

With my heart forced out of the frame, I put my camera down to focus on building a name for myself in the corporate realm. But I desperately missed being behind my camera. I yearned to be in the surrounding streets, seeking out the still shots and vibrant stories that took pictures beyond development.

Always maintaining my creative mindset, I soon realised that my passion needed to be fully explored in order to feel truly fulfilled. Armed with my love of life, with bright eyes and a wide lens, I pursued my love of photography with raw materials of light and time. I developed a particular interest in photojournalism, which sparked the beginning of my career in photography.

As I drove deeper into the nuances of street photography, I began to feel the draw of the abstract essence of art photography. The exposure let me shift the focus of my lens to different, more insightful aspects. While I had already set a firm foothold in the photography realm, I never intended to confine myself to a single medium. This notion led me to my first exhibition at ILFORD Galerie Bangkok in February of 2019. Shortly after, I made my first US sale and chose to donate all of the proceed to ACE (The Association Community Employment Programs for the Homeless).

As my photography career advances, I continue to work with a mission of evoking emotion and making a personal impact. It is my hope that others will benefit from the story behind each project. Becoming more involved in how art is perceived, I strive to cultivate a shift towards wellness.

To look at an image and not fully understand what it is you are looking at opens the mind to new possibilities and ways of seeing things — BRYCE Watanasoponwong

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You can read more of my story in issue 9th of the Artist Talk Magazine.

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