Passion #2 of 20, The Colours of Emotion, 2019

I have decided to publish this abstract series of photographs called The Colours of Emotion on Medium to explore the subject of human emotions that personally affect me. In art theory, our feelings are often associated with colours that influence everything we do in our daily lives. Our feelings influence our decisions, actions and perceptions. The Colours series considers the relationship between the nature of emotion, shape, pattern and colours, which is used as a metaphor for understanding the human condition that connects us all. The work in this series reflects my feelings as I go through a creative journey on this project.

The Colours of Emotion was my first solo exhibition at ILFORD Galerie Bangkok in 2019 — followed by another exhibition with the same title at Eat Me Restaurant in Bangkok between July and September.

To begin this series, I decided to publish Passion. It is an image of a parasol textured with colourful patterns that alternate between pink and dark purple, making me feel enchanted. During the process of making the Colours series, I tried to ask myself questions such as why, what, how and where. It is essential for inner soul-searching. It was my first exhibition, and I wanted to ensure that everything I did followed my passion.

Passion #2 of 20 on display at BRYCE ART Space,

Details of Artwork: Technical note:

  • Method: Digital photography
  • Printing: Archival Inks on ILFORD GALERIE Textured Cotton Rag (310gsm)
  • Size: 34.39 x 24.39 x 1.5 in (87.35 x 61.95 x 3.81 cm)
  • Mounting and Framing: Mounted on gator foam board with archival tape in a ILFORD GALERIE silver shadow gap frame
  • Frame size: 0.39 x 0.39 x 1.5 in

Certification of Authenticity:

Click here to view details of Passion.

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